Joel Marsh Wildlife Management Area flowage repair

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    Contact(s): Kevin Morgan, DNR wildlife biologist, 715-637-6867

    BARRON, Wis. - Two flowages within the Joel Marsh Wildlife Area totaling nearly 600 acres have been drawn down to facilitate the repair of a water control structure located in the northern portion of the property.

    "Due to this drawdown, there will be much less water on the property in the coming months and areas available for waterfowl hunting this fall will change - this will only be temporary and will benefit the property in the long run," said Joel Marsh property manager Kevin Morgan. "In addition, other parts of the property may not be accessible to the public while heavy equipment is onsite to repair the structure."

    Those with any questions related to areas open for use at Joel Marsh should contact the property manager, Kevin Morgan, at 715-637-6867.

    Along with flowage repairs, shallow water waterfowl flowage draw-downs provide can enhance vegetation and are a key part of a larger management strategy. Wetland plants that provide food and cover for wildlife often become more abundant after a drawdown.

    "The response from wildlife after these drawdowns is truly remarkable - increases in food and cover often last several years," said Morgan.

    Joel Marsh Wildlife Management Area, located in Polk County, is a 1,200 acre property managed for waterfowl and wetland wildlife.

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