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  1. hey folks just joined up, got a couple questions i moved to wisconsin from michigan used to live on the pere marquette river and was wondering if the trout fishing is as good here on the lacrosse as back home the water is a little muddier and you guys dont have salmnon and steelhead ripping through so i would assume that its a little more laid back, i was wondering about fishing between bangor and rockland it looks like a very nice peaceful float and the scene makes me forget about home.. also is there any cats along ths float i would love to get the kids on them, maybe hittin the bridges for an afternoon to get away from life for awhile ... any help would be great thanks
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    There are some guys on board here who I'm sure will be able to help you out. Welcome to the site.

  3. thanks

    thanks steve im chompin at the bit to get out the weather is perfect
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    goose island

    you can catch about every warm water fish just south of town at Goose Island Park.

    Go just a little south of town near the ski hill and there are a couple good trout streams.

    Let me know how you did.