Keeping Your Dog Hydrated in the Field

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  1. Keeping your dogs safe is extremely important when you are on a hunt anywhere. On Outdoors on the Farm, all of our pro staffers want to keep their dogs in the best shape and best health that they can be in. Doing that starts with one fundamental rule: Keep your dogs hydrated! Todd Sterrett is OOTF’s pro staffer with a great amount of experience in dog training. He has trained many dogs to great championships and lucky for Chip he only lives a few miles away from the Flory home. Chip is always checking his dog Remi for health concerns and making sure he is always safe in the field. Todd can help any hunter wanting to keep their dogs hydrated in the field with these tips:

    • Have a plan weeks before the date of the hunt. You want to watch to see how much food and water your dog is consuming in a day. On the day of the hunt your dog should drink double or even triple the amount of water that they do regularly.
    • On the day of the hunt nutrition is important, also. Your dog will be using a lot more energy than it usually does. Put water in the food your dog eats to help hydrate him or her faster.
    • Take water out into the field with you. Work with your dog before the hunt to teach him or her how to drink out of a water bottle. Don’t expect your dog knows how to do this- it may seem like a simple concept but if he won’t drink the day of the hunt you’ll have a problem. If your dog doesn’t drink straight out of the water bottle, take a small bowl out with you for him or her to drink out of. We usually take three water bottles out with us for a three hour hunt. Give your dog a bottle of water for every hour spent in the field.
    • Make sure you know if your dog will drink the water other houses or resorts will provide for you. Chip had a problem with Remington where he wouldn’t drink some of the water that was supplied when he would go on hunts. Know your dog before you go into the field and be prepared if they don’t drink the water provided for them. You can buy a 5 gallon bucket and keep it in the back of the truck filled with the water from your house. Fill up the water bottles with this water and take them out into the field with you.
    • Everyone needs a break when walking through hard cover or even easy cover- so does your dog. Find little water holes or creeks to cool your dog down. Take a ten minute break for them to get a drink and lay in the water.
    Implement these tips to your hunt in the field and you can be sure that you will have success and fun outdoors on the farm with your dog.

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