Keys To The Castle

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    I have fished for trout in my home waters for fifty-five years. The places I call home are the waters of the Wisconsin driftless area. Trout are my favorite species to chase. The trout of my waters have fluctuated over my more than a half century of fishing. Trout are instinctual creatures. The big wily brown trout are my quarry. They are portrayed as superior entities when in fact they have a brain the size of a pea. Do you want the keys to the castle?

    I have seen many trends and fads come and go in the trout world. This fancy rod and that special fly have cycled through a dozen times in my lifetime. Anglers come and go and so do the latest new fangled trends. The constants in the trout world are the seasons and good old Mother Nature. If you want a real leg up on those trout you should pay attention to the seasons and the changes they cause in the trout’s environment.
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