large black bear hit by combine was dead already

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  1. A ND resident was arrested for killing the combine black bear. It was shot during the WI gun deer season. The hunter after killing the big bear, tried to get a kill tag over the phone from the DNR. The warden that taged the bear for the farmer that hit it with his combine didn't notice the bullet holes so he sold the bear to the farmer for $75.00. After The DNR did some investigating they traced the phone call and contacted the hunter that shot the bear. The hunter admitted that he shot the bear so the DNR confiscated the bear from a taxidermist and gave the farmer his $75.00 back. The farmer was not charged for any wrong doing. THIS HUNTER DESERVES A DING-A-LING YO-YO AWARD FOR STUPIDITY!!!!!!!:tsk::smile-mad:
  2. Something just does not sound right here. I don't think a WI warden can sell game in the field regardless of the apparant cause of death.

  3. The warden thought that the combine killed the bear so he sold it to the farmer and taged it for him. The wardens can sell car killed bears or in this case a combine killed bear. The problem was neither the farmer or the warden knew at the time that the bear had been shot. Once the DNR traced the phone call, they started to figure this out. This was in today's EauClaire Leader Telegram. Check it out for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Its $75 now? Price is going up. Used to be 25 or so. Anyone think the damage to the combine (if any) should be paid for by the violater?
    Is this the 700 pound bear in Dunn county?
  5. It has always been $75.00 as far as I know. It was in the EauClaire paper a couple of days ago and that is how I found out about this guy from Fargo that shot it. Yes this is the same bear! String the violater UP, thats what I say. The courts should make the violater pay the taxidermist as well as the farmer that got draged into this mess. The farmer did nothing wrong.
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  6. sotry makes more sense now

    I thought there was something odd about that is very unusual for a bear, particularly a big old bear like that one, to be hanging out in an open field at any time of the year. Grizzlies and browns hang out in open areas, black bears don't make a habit of it.
  7. Bear will find a spot to hibernate in unpicked corn fields though. About every year I read about one getting combined in late season field work.
  8. Mrmc
    You may be right. For some reason I thought I remember a 50 dollar or 35 dollar fee being charged for road kill bear? I must be thinking of something else. How bought that, you trash your truck on a animal and it costs you 75 bones to keep the destructor. Anyway to make a buck I guess. Its not like a person will intentionally hit one with their vehical just for the meat LOL>
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    It also seemed weird that there was no apparent damage to the combine.
  10. damage to combine

    I heard the farmer hit it with the ouside row of his combine. He saw it just before he hit it but couldn't shut the combine down in time. I heard that it just bent the point on the combine. When I first saw the bear I wondered how it could have been killed by the combine and only have his toes and nose damaged. Now we know, he was already dead. I live just about 2 miles from where this happened and there are some really large bears in the area.:wink:
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  11. Mr MC54
    I came hours away from buying 57 acres and a house in your county 4 years ago. It was a log house and that was my biggest turn off. Point being is that I talked with a neighbor about the bear in the area. If I was to buy this I would need to sell my larger tract up north of there. The neighbor told me of the bear he see's yearly and the size (like you said) is very large on a few. That almost sold me but the log home was too much work . Hell we coulda been neighbors?
  12. Fees are up to the warden. I know of guys that have paid 3 times that. There is a huge waitng list in my neck of the woods. If you hit one, no chance of getting to keep it.

    They are suppoed to have a fee schedule for all game, but it is up to the warden. Had a friend hit a fisher last year. Warden told him $100. Can't say what he told the warden.
  13. Brokenarrow: where abouts was the land that you were looking at? I have seen two real big boars the last couple years. There are almost more bear than deer now, thanks to the slaughter the last couple years.
    Good hunting to ya!
  14. See full story about this bear in the Feb. 20th Wisconsin Outdoor News.