Last season tag

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by brokenarrow, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. One of our tags is the last season. We planned it that way. Kids moving out of the dorms and that week hits it perfect. Any tips for late season toms.
  2. Best tip I can do for you as I always hunt later to late seasons is get away from the crowd. Move farther back on land that holds birds. Call sparingly. If you can try to pattern a bird(s) to their daily feeding pattern and sit that.

    I did whack a nice 25 lb on the last day of the 5th season........


  3. lonely toms

    That's really not a bad time at all...usually by that time, if you're hunting in a normally pretty pressured area, everyone else has quit and the toms have had a chance to relax...and if most of the hens in that area have been bred and those toms are lonely, they'll practically run you over.

    The only downer at that time of the year is the bugs (get a Thermocell, you'll never regret it) and the foliage. You have to be really close to locate birds and really close to call them in-but then, the kill is really close, too.

    I enjoy hunting the last part of the season. It's a great time of the year.