Late season Doe!

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BowHuntingFool, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Well I finally killed a late season deer, my first! Also my first deer I killed with snow on the ground and first deer killed with a 2 blade Rage Broadhead!
    I was out yesterday in single digit temps with a 14 mph wind! I figure the deer would be moving early. They were about 30 yards or so out of range, 12 Does and 2 REAL nice bucks. They offered no shot. Same weather today COLD but less wind, I moved my stand for this afternoon 25 yards closer to the trail they came down yesterday. The only deer I that came thru was this little Doe all by herself. I watched her for about 15 minutes, confirmed she was a Doe and let her have it! At 25 yards the Rage did its job, complete passthru and stuck a tree! She ran 50 yards and I lost sight of her. Went to the spot where I hit her, found good blood then decided to go to the truck and drop off my gear, get my cleaning pack and sled! My buddy and I followed the outstanding blood trail to exactly where I last seen her, there she was, dead! This head did serious damage, excellent blood trail and cut the liver in half, pretty impressed! I'm a fixed blade kinda guy but wanted to try these heads. I like them so far! I'm pretty happy about this kill as I've had an up and down season and ending it on a good note is a good thing! This Doe will be my first attempt at butchering a deer, looking forward to this. Thanks for listening!

  2. Congrats on your late season Kill.