Late season grouse

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  1. Now that the 9 day deer gun season is over it is time for me and the gang to get back out in the woods chasing the king around. I was wondering how many of you hunt late season grouse ??

    Why or why not?
  2. It is unsportmans like to shoot next years brood producing grouse. The grouse don't need you blasting at them and raising their stress level. What they need is to survive the winter months and reproduce.:tsk::tsk:

  3. As soon as it warms up to 40+ and the wind quits blowing Ill be out there hunting grouse. (if the snow isnt too deep)

  4. That sounds like my wife :lol: oh ya she also says and if the walking is easy !!!
  5. Merimac

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    I hope to

    I like to hunt with a dog and mine is down for the season. Chances are slim
  6. There is nothing like seein grouse tracks on the snow and knowing the buggers are all over and not seeing one...

    Or if your lucky enough to have one explode out of a snow den.

    Cool stuff.

  7. Late season

    There are no grouse in Indiana, or I would hunt a late season. I also don't feel like the 5 or 6 hour drive to get to grouse country no matter which way I go around the lake. Jeff
  8. Now all you need is a dog that can find them.:lol::lol:

    Of course with all the tracks you can lead the dog to the bird.
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  9. Looks like the crusty snow will hinder the grouse hunting for a while.

    I like snow but not like this !!!