Late season!

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  1. Anyone hunt the late season with the Bo? I really like the late season, hard hunting but the woods are pretty much yours! Only the hardcore Bowhunters are out!
  2. I never surender... It actually gets pretty good around the end of the year. And this year with all the snow they are pretty easy scout.

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    I agree!

    Late season may be a little slower, but you have a pretty good idea of what there pattern is from the snow. Much easier to spot a ways off also.
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    I love the late season. I pretty much have the woods to myself. In Michigan we are able to bait which helps congregate the deer. I use a spin cast feeder so I don't disturb the area. I'll sneak into my stand site and sit a couple of days. Normally I see 15-20 deer each time. Unfortunately it can be bloody cold some days, but the pay off can be big. Two of the biggest bucks I've harvested were taken during the late season.