Lightning Strikes Twice

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    Pat Schendel and his cousin Joe Chadwick stopped by on the
    way to the taxidermist. They stopped to thank me for the tip on the Biggest Trout Pat has
    ever caught in his life. Joe and Pat had me take a photo of the male brown Pat caught on
    a night crawler. The first trout measured 22 3/4s inches. Off they went to the taxidermist's
    after i took the photo. One hour later Joe called me and told me that lightning had struck twice.

    Pat and he went out again when they went home. Pat caught the twin to the first trout.
    A second trip to the taxidermist was in order. TWO trout on one piece of driftwood. The
    second trout photo was taken by Joe Chadwick.

    The first trout was caught in Richland County. The second was in Crawford County.
    Both were caught on night crawlers.