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    Above trout from yesterday when I
    was with Mark. Dark plays heck with
    digital cameras.

    The phone rang at 7:30am this morning.

    Mark went out on his own
    this morning. I told him
    where an absolute monster lived.

    Mark emailed me on his blackberry also.

    Big one hit 630. Believe it is the fish. Looked like three feet long and broad. Hit like a bolt of lightning . Reel sang. Fish bolted upstream to left side. Then back center. Then back up to the far right shore . Fish burrowed in shallow rocks. Half out of water. Dorsal fin and tail fin sticking out. I applied pressure and so did fish. Snap went the line. Either teeth cut line or wrapped around rocks or knot at hook failed, I'm not sure. Never ever had a trout that big on the line. Heart raced and sick to my stomach the whole time, especially after the line popped.
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