Looking for a Marlin Model 60 .22

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  1. Hi guys, new to the site. My oldest son will be taking hunter's safety next week and will turn 12 the week after small game opens this fall. I'm looking for a good used Marlin Model 60 for his birthday. I live on the eastern side of Wisconsin, 1/2 hour NE of Fond du Lac. I'm more than willing to drive within a couple hours of home to have a look at what you might have.

  2. My dad bought me a 60 for my birthday, probably about that age. Shot tens of thousands of rounds through it. Seems like every week I would go through a brick of ammo. It is pretty rough these days and doesn't hardly cycle, but it doesn't owe me anything anymore. Point being, I spent more time seeing how fast I could empty its 14 rounds of .22 lead, then concentrating on sight picture and trigger control. I probably would have learned alot more with a single shot bolt action. But if you are set on a 60, for sure you/he won't be disappointed

    That's my .02 anyway
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  3. I know exactly what you mean. My dad bought my 60 for me for Christmas 23 years ago. It's been to hell and back and I still love to take it hunting. I have thrown it around about the single shot, that's what my dad had me use for a couple seasons before getting me the new 60. He didn't want me to be like his brother, Boom-Boom, and empty my magazine at what I was hunting and come up empty handed...

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    Sounds like tons of fun and a great way to learn to shoot.