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  1. I am a drill instructor and (seabee)for the US Navy here at great lakes IL. I have hunting license and tags for WI but I cannot find a even fair place to hunt I tried BONG and KETTLE bong I just never see any deer and in Kettle I see about one Doe a week??? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!! my wife is klling me with the jokes of never bringing anything back. I just need a place that has a few deer not looking for a swamp donkey.
  2. Its getting quite late for this year, but could help you in Clark County area, Quite a drive for you, probably four to five hours i would guess--hatfield hunter

  3. thanks

    I guess rut is peaking about now Man I need to get aleast one this year it cist me $160 bucks and my wife is going to kill me.