Lots snow melt

Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, Mar 14, 2008.

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    stream temps low...

    this weekend a wash in southern wisconsin
  2. There are several streams that were in great shape.

    Several streams made the very fishable list this weekend. It took a liitle driving around but we found two streams that were very condusive to fly fishing. Water clarity in both locations were about 3' or more depending on depth, speed of water, and bottom structure.

    I will post a report tommorow but it includes a 20" trout on a size 18 P.T. flashback!:cool: So they were able to see the small stuff on a few streams.

    We tried several other rivers that were the color of cocoa:irked:

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    the sunshine coaxed me out in the snow


    Down low and slow was the ticket in this deep wintering hole. *8* caught in hole.
    The snow is being stubborn in the shaded areas here and not wanting to leave.
    Couple steps today were sinkers up to my waist.
    Still was fun.