Madison Fishing Expo Speaker Schedule

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    Here are the speakers;

    2010 Madison Fishing Expo

    Speaker Schedule

    Friday Feb 26

    7pm Bob Blosser

    Saturday Feb 27

    10am Rick Krueger

    10:30am Len Harris

    11am Walleye Panel

    11:30am Dennis Radloff

    12pm Davey Hite

    12:30pm Brett and Paul Staplemann

    1pm Tas Kaliska

    1:30pm Jim Kalkofen

    2pm Tommy Skarlis

    2:30pm Karen Savik

    3pm Russ Wayre and Ken Jackson

    3:30pm Steve Reinstra and Geoff Crandall

    4pm Dave Genz

    Sunday Feb 28

    10am Dave Genz

    10:30am Len Harris

    11am Jim Kalkofen

    11:30am Tas Kaliska

    12pm Davey Hite

    12:30pm Steve Reinstra and Geoff Crandall

    1pm Russ Wayre

    1:30pm Brett and Paul Staplemann

    2pm Tommy Skarlis

    2pm Karen Savik

    3pm Rick Krueger

    3pm Dennis Radloff
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    Lots of impressionable kids

    I am really looking forward to these presentations.

    There is a crowd of 20,000 usually.

    This is the biggest fishing show in Wisconsin.
    There are many impressionable children at the Expo.
    There is even a trout pond.

    Most fishing shows in wisconsin like the badger and tu shows are
    for the adults that are already anglers.

    These kids at the EXPO could be the next generation of trout anglers.

    I will be focusing on the kids that already fish for pan fish and walleye.

    The ones with the rigs that will work perfectly for small stream trout.

    I will be speaking on responsive harvest but NOT strict catch and release.

    Lots of kids just waiting to have the right adult show them the way.


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