Male Or Female Snapper

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    Snapping Turtles

    I came upon this snapper sunning itself on the stream bank while I was trout fishing. All the snow was not gone and
    I was puzzled why it was out already. I took a few photos and did some research.


    This snapper I guess at about 30 pounds. I decided to flip it over to try and determine its gender. It was a little testy and didn't like the
    idea of being on its back. Notice the eyelids rolling back upon a strike? That is to make sure it doesn't injure its eyes when striking.


    I finally got the snapper on its back and snapped a quick photo before it almost instantly righted itself.


    The age of the turtle i questioned also. I have never seen such a big one close up and out of the water.


    a 30 pounder could be anywhere from 10-20 years old or more. The main diet is probably fish, also consisting of crayfish, frogs,insects maybe, and water plants.

    They can get to be around 20-40 years in age.

    This one is 30 pound range.

    This turtle is a male and approximately 20 years old. The width at the base of the tail and the longer distance from the edge of the inner ( belly) shell and its anal port are the determining factors on gender.