March County Deer Advisory Council meetings encourage public input in deer management

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  1. By Central Office March 10, 2016

    Contact(s): Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist, 608-261-7589

    MADISON-County Deer Advisory Councils in all Wisconsin counties will meet beginning March 14 to review deer herd information and develop preliminary recommendations regarding antlerless harvest quotas, antlerless permit levels and other season options for the 2016 deer hunting season.

    This year, councils will have the option to offer antlerless-only seasons, provide metro subunit-specific permits, and restrict junior antlerless permit use in buck-only counties. Each CDAC meeting is open to the public - a meeting schedule is available at, keyword "p>
    The public is encouraged to attend these meetings and provide feedback, submit comments to CDAC members (a contact list is posted on the
    CDAC web page), or provide input during an online public comment period from April 4-17.

    For more information regarding CDACs and deer herd management in Wisconsin, search keyword "[email protected].

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