1. Anyone been to this management unit? I'm thinking of doing some late season grouse and I thought I'd stop by here on my way up to Park Falls...
  2. I hope you are not planning on hunting grouse up at Park Falls when you arrive. The season will be closed after 12/31/07 for ruffed grouse hunting up there, if my memory of the regulations is correct.
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  3. Mazo holds phez that I heard of you can check with the Dnr.

    but the park falls thing...be prepared for alot of snow. I was out about 1 hour south of there and there is 16 inches on the ground with so drifts that are 3 ft. Makes for a short exhausting hunt.

    I hope this warm weather coming kills a bit of the snow??

    I hope.

    Good luck if you go, but plan on short walks or off of snowmobile trails.