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  1. Well I'm back from Bear camp temporarily. I'm whooped and the dogs are very tired and beat up with stapled claw cuts, bites and sore feet. We were blessed with two fine youngsters in camp starting last Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday we ran a couple but nothing treed.
    Friday night with about 15 minutes left of shooting time the dogs treed after about a 2 hour run. We were right on top of the dogs and only had about 350 yard run into the tree. Myself and friend Matt made it into the tree as fast as we could so the bear would not bail out. While Tony got the shooter to the tree. By time the shooter calmed down enough to take the shot there was only about 4 Minutes left of shooting time.
    The shooter with the tag was 12 year old Megan and the tag was transferred to her from her Grandpa that died of Cancer shortly before the hunt took place.
    One shot from a 20 gauge slug and the bear was dead before it hit the ground. Tony did a great job of coaching her through the shot. Not a big bear at 150 lbs. But Megan and dad were very happy.
    Lots of emotion and calibration when we were sure it was down for good. This was her first ever kill of anything and got baptized in a little bear blood on the face. I would have loved to hear the story going on when she got to back to school.
    There is quite a bit more to the story but this gives the gist of the hunt.

    Here is Megan and Wes doing their best to drag the bear out.


    Here is Megan and Tony with her bear.


    On Saturday it was time for Wes to try and get his bear. He’s 14 and a great young man and it’s not because he likes Blue Tick hounds. (What I have) Saturday we tried hard but could not keep a track going and ended up with nothing treed. Now on Sunday we did not expect a lot after the dogs being hunted 5 straight days. They were gassed to say the least. First thing that morning we tried again to get a bear going but it was not to be so we gathered up the dogs as quickly as we could to save their energy. About 10:45 a.m. we struck a track and put a couple hounds on it and by George they got it started. We fed another dog into it and the race was on.
    After about and hour and 45 Minutes they treed the bear way up on top of a steep hill side and from the bottom we couldn’t tell for sure which hill top they were on so two of us went up one while the others went up the other. Good thing the shooter went with them as I chose the wrong hill. Back down and up the other. Did not need the extra cardio work out at all!!
    Anyway we all got to the tree and Wes said that was the bear for him and took a well placed shot and the bear was down. For once the drag was all down hill and fairly easy. We got it registered and cut up quickly as it was near 80* out and we could not let the bear sit or it would spoil. Love having kids in camp and we’ll be back at it Saturday and Sunday.

    Wes and his bear


    Megan & Wes


    And the gang

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    Nice story and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great story. Always neat to see young people getting involved in hunting. Congrats to Megan and Wes. The smiles say it all.