Milwaukee smallmouths

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  1. Guys,

    New to site. I currently live in Detroit, Mi area but like over 10% of the population in metro Detroit, have recently lost my job. I am looking at a job in Racine, and am curious to know if there is any significant smallmouth bass fishing to be had along the Milwaukee shoreline of Lake Michigan, from say Kenosha up to Sheboygan.

    I have had a lot of fun the past 7 years fishing St Clair and Erie, and I know that I need a job first and fishing second, but it would help me make a decision if I knew either way. I do not have a boat suitable for trolling for salmonids, I have a bass boat.

    Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Smallies and Walleyes

    I'm up here in Milwaukee,from Ohio, for work for a couple months and looking for a little fun. Would like any advice at all. Ran up to Ft. Adkinson yesterday and checked out the Rock River a little. A local told me to fish of the wall on the south side of the river. Anybody know any more. Also, would like to bring my spaniel up for grouse but have no idea where to start within reasonable distance from Mil. Would appreciate any info.

  3. Near Milwaukee

    Not very many grouse anywhere near Milwaukee, you need to be North, way North. Occasionally you may find a few grouse South of Highway 21 but not likely. Some of the public areas within an hour drive of Milwaukee hold a few Woodcock and you may be able to shoot some doves (steel shot require) but grouse are extremely rare. Fishing around Milwaukee is another story, Lake Michigan along piers and Marinas can produce a wide variety of fish. Smallmouth Salmon, trout and the wily carp. Go luck with the job search been their done that.:irked:
  4. Little guy,

    The smallie fishing is picking up in the MKE river. As well as the walleyes. These are both fish that don't get targeted as much so are grwoing fast. The walleyes get chased a lot more.

    The wall of the rock river in Ft atkinson can be a good placer ot fish walleyes in the spring, as well as in Jefferson. Never spent a whole lot of time in either spot the rest of the year.

    As for the grouse subject. The man was right. You need to go way north to get after them. North of hwy 8 is going to be your best bet.