Misc items for sale (bird dog rel)

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  1. I have for sale the following: (all items are in good to great condition)

    1)Training the Pointing Labrador (1st edition) - Sells used on Amazon for $100, will take $50. This book is no longer in print and has become a collectors item.

    2) Pet Porter, size Giant - Will take $75, local pick up only, NE WI- Amazon used price $175 - Great condition

    3) Smartwork Volume 2, secrets of the pros, by Evan Graham, $25 - (Amazon used $30) Excellent condition

    4) Training pointing dogs,VHS volume 1, George Hickox, $10

    5) Gundog, (book) by Richard Wolters, $10

    All prices include shipping to lower 48. (not crate) PMs please.
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