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  1. I went out early to scout for my brothers turkey, found the same tom I saw a couple weeks ago, now all alone. I also pulled the SD card from my game camera, pics will go in the photo gallery. Then I found some morels to fry up with ham and eggs for breakfast. What else do you do with morels, can you freeze them?
  2. Frozen morels

    I don't usually find enough to freeze, but was recently told of a method by a friend... After an overnight soak in salt water,cut mushrooms in half vertically and lay out on paper towels with outside down. Give them a few minutes(5 min okay) to drain/dry. Next, place them on a cookie sheet (not touching) in a single layer and place in freezer. Once frozen you can then bag them in a ziploc and return to the freezer until ready to eat. The important step in prepping them to eat is to dip in egg wash/flour when they are only partially thawed, and put in frying pan.(I think they get mushy if fully thawed.) Some other ways I've heard involve applying the batter before freezing, but that sounds like 2 messes instead of one. :corkysm55:

  3. Freezing morrels

    Since i told GSPbrody about this i have stopped soaking these in salt water as i found that softens up the morrels. The ones i washed in just cold water were noticeably firmer. The most important points are to dry as much as possible before you freeze them on the cookie sheets, and to thaw just enough to get your coating to stick. Then cook in a cooking oil that has a high flashpoint,(canola,or peanut oil) with a tablespoon of butter mixed in. Thaw them too much before cooking and they get mushy, cook then mostly frozen yet and they will be as close to fresh as you will ever get. (in my oppinion that is!)
    Crappies,morrels, and fresh asparagus for supper it just doesnt get any better than that!!!!!!