Mountain Lion in WI

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by mikjul, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Just posted some photos of a male mountain lion treed in Burnett co WI by coyote hounds on tuesday march 3rd 2009 this is real just ask the warden cat escaped unharmed.:wink:
  2. where?

    In your photo gallery? I'll look..

  3. wow

    awesome long did you run him ?? Tell us the story!!
  4. Where did you post the pics?? Would like to know how was lucky to trr the cat. Good Chance I may know them, or someon I know does. PM me the info if you wish not to post.

    Another other info would be great as well.

  5. Pic's are in the photo gallery Steve and i looks to be Ligit from the type of tree it's in as they are not common out west. This will be the first one that I belive as I said all along with all the other sightings that with all the hounds in the woods at bear season why has one never been treed. Well now we have it! I'd like to know who it was also!!
  6. Thanks Steve for posting them. I could not pull upthe photo gallery until shutting down the anti-virus.

    WD- Until this can ve verified through a trusted source I will treat it like many of the hoaxes. I have already talked to several houndsmen over in that area, and they have not heard a word about it. I have seen 3 differnt stories on the web about it already. Yep them are some oak trees. Still they have them in the western states. The last hoax came from Kansas. Due to the white pine it was easy to say any northern state.

    With all the area I cover in the northwoods have yet ot get the chance at putting up a big cat. The day it happens I will garuntee you there will be tv coverage and possible fines issued. That cat will not get away. The only way it may get away is in the back of the wardens truck.

    Most self respecting hound guys would love the chance to spit in the eye of the DNR on something like this.

    Then the DNR would have something realistic to dicuss instead of a study on the use of rail guns.
  7. Well guess it was all true. Now the DNR will come out with a stement that it was a escaped zoo animal or something.
  8. I had my doubts about this but they had the story on the local TV news this morning in Wausau. DNR plans to trank the cat. I wonder what they are waiting for. It would also be interesting to know where the cat came from. I know the area and it would not supprise me if it started out as some dudes idea of a pet.
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    Mountain lion

    :tsk: These photos are ligit I own Wild Bills sports in Webster WI and the boys were here when the call came in about the lion. The photos were taken that day and I took them off the cards myself on two different cameras I will post some more photos now.
  10. I have heard stories of people seeing cats around the Rhinelander area as well for many years.

  11. same here ....heard in Rhinelander area also ,
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    Okay, I don't want to hijack the thread but... About 20 years ago there was a tavern north of Viroqua that had a mountain lion in an enclosure out back. Does anyone know where that was? I was only there once but you could pet the cat through the fence and it would purr. That's just one of those memories you don't forget.