Movie from the Air model airplane

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by steve ypsi mi, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Steve

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    That is too cool! How do you rotate the picture like that when flying? Is the camera rotating or the airplane?

  2. No the camera a Nikon cool pix 3700 is mounted on the left side of the airplane and pointed down about 35 Degrees and as I turn it looks like the camera is turning.
    I just made a new mount that will be pointing straight ahead which will make the movie better, not so much pronounced banking from a front mount. Been so windy can't try the new mount for a while. I can shut the movie on and off with a switch on the Transmitter. I am going to really try and get to lake Erie this july or aug when the lake is calm to fly off the water and get movies and still shots of all the boats out there
  3. Great video Steve but i have 1 question, do you wreck alot of planes i see a few in the video that bit the dust....:lol:
  4. Do you mean like these, Wasn't my fault, planes weren't any good, I know it couldn't have been me, we had about 300 wrecks but these are a few we got on film
  5. That looks like it could get quite expensive....
  6. Nope, if total loss about 25 bucks for a new one, but most we repair with a little glue