Moving to Southern Wis. from Mi. What should I expect.

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  1. Hi all,

    Looks like we'll be moving from Michigan to southern Wisconsin.

    Just looking for some high level info.

    I have a 21' Lund I/O (15hp kicker with TR-1 auto-pilot etc.) that I use for Walleye in Saginaw Bay and Salmon out of Ludington. I expect to use it on Lake Michigan around Kenosha for Salmon/Trout.
    What inland waters should I start researching (my wife doesn't like the going out on the Big lakes) ?

    I do a lot of different types of shooting. Used to do a LOT of Cowboy Action Shooting (All over Michigan + State shoots in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tenn. and Regionals). But haven't really been serious about it in the last 4-5 years.

    I've done some serious Long Range Shooting/Hunting and would like to find a club that has a long distance range, 1000yd's or more would be great, but that's probably a pipe dream.

    I grew up in Colo. and go back every couple years for Deer and/or Elk. I've done a little whitetail hunting here in Michigan, but not real serious.

    Anyway, Hi all. I'm a little anxious to see what new adventures we'll have in Wis.

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  2. Big Green Lake in Green lake,Wi. lake trout,sysco,northern,walleye,perch. Lake Winnebago in Fond-du-lac walleye,perch,crappie,sturgeon spearing in the winter. If your moving to Kenosha i feel for ya.Your about an hour or so from Chicago if your wife wants to visit the windy city.
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  3. If you bow hunt for deer you can start in September and it ends in January, you couldn't do that in CO. The amount of public land in Wisconsin is not a secret, but most is not in the southeast part of state. The big rivers are open season for fishing I think all year.