Moving to Wisconsin-Looking for public land hunting opportunities

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  1. Hi there,

    I am most likely relocating to the Green Bay area for a new job. I have a 3 year old GSP and love to hunt partridge and woodcock. I live near the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan and have a lot of state land areas to hunt birds in...

    It looks like in the Green Bay area there is no much public land to hunt birds. If anyone on here could point me in the right direction that would have a lot of public land hunting that might have the common habitat of upland game-young aspen forests, balsam and tag alder bottoms, etc., that would well appreciated. It will definently be frustrating if I cannot get my dog out in the fall to do what we love to do, so hoping there's some state land around!

    I think I would be living north of Green Bay near Suamico possibly...

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Langlade County has 1000's of acres of public land and some birds on it. It would be about 90 miles from Green Bay

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  4. I live just north of Green Bay by Suamico and if you go north about 20-30 minutes you'll hit Oconto County forest, but it gets hunted hard. I try to go further north to avoid some of the crowds. There is also a lot of public hunting areas along the west shores of the Bay of Green Bay, but those are mostly for waterfowl hunters.
  5. I am thinking of moving to the Suamico area. Is there good fishing in that river that runs through town? And, do people go boating on Green Bay around there? In other words, is it the nice, sandy, clear blue water I'm used to in Michigan?
  6. Suamico River like most waters along the Bay of Green Bay have fish spawning runs in the spring. Drive along the roads by the Bay in Suamico and Howard and you'll see a bunch of northern pike. These ditches have special regulations because people will spear or net the fish. I've seen some monster northern pike.

    As far as clear blue water in the Bay, well there's a reason it's called GREEN Bay. There are places on the Bay of Green Bay that boaters will use in the summer. One place is called Longtail Beach. People travel up the Fox River and at this time of year walleye fishing is quite popular near the first dam.
  7. I was afraid of that. Oh well, I've been on Shawano Lake, that is a cool lake to boat around on.
  8. Lake Winnebago..Oshkosh..Good fishing and swimming beaches.