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    Contact(s): Kristi Pupak, DNR wildlife conservation educator, 715-463-2739

    GRANTSBURG, Wis. - Join the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Education & Visitors Center to explore the mysterious world of fungi with volunteer expert John Menge.

    John Menge, a past Friends of Crex board member and active volunteer, developed the program for anyone with an interest in learning more about mushrooms and other fungi. The program provides a great learning experience for amateurs and professionals alike, and is a great way to learn how to recognize and identify common mushrooms and to learn about the important roles fungi play in our eco-system. Menge will lead a mushroom walk in search of edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as those you should avoid.

    Menge was an undergraduate in forestry at the University of Minnesota, and later received his master's degree in plant pathology. He was a faculty member at the University of California-Riverside, studying citrus and avocado diseases as well as teaching plant pathology, mycology, and field mycology. During his years in the field, he found that people know a lot about plants and animals, but fungi is not as recognized.

    Bring a mushroom field guide and your camera - the mushroom walk is timed to coincide with the peak of the emergence of wild mushrooms throughout northwest Wisconsin. Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area is located at 102 East Crex Avenue, Grantsburg, Wis. 54840.

    Wildlife conservation education programs are supported by Friends of Crex Meadows. For more information, visit [EXIT DNR].

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