My 08 deer taken in Sheboygan

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    Good mornin' gents. Most of you don't know me. My name is Christopher and I'm a recent transplant into this state from Texas because I'm in the Coast Guard. I've been here about a year now.

    Below is a picture of a buck I killed the opening day of gunseason last year. It was taken about 15min or so before sundown on 25 acres just a mile or two from the Kohler-Andrea State Park. He field dressed right at 200lbs and is a nice 13pt. This is the only picture for now. When I get it up on the wall I'm sure there will be a few more.


    I have never scored a deer before but I tried with info I got off the Boone & Crockett website. I tried to be as honest as I could and took the measurments twice. Gross he scores about a 142-143. However, after the deductions of a little more than 15in due to 3 of the points coming off of another it drops it down to 127 and change. Still, it was a great deer and a great time. I think I will be hard pressed to take one bigger for a number of years.
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    Nice mount. You should be proud of it.
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    Thanks Tom and Steve. I am very proud of it. I was hunting with my Officer in Charge on some land that a CG Aux lived on and owns. He was going to be hunting some land down south that he owns so he was more than enthusiastic to let us hunt there to keep some of his neighbors off.

    Its kind of a funny story. The deer almost wasn't mine and almost became my Chief's. The place we hunted was about 25 acres but was surrounded by fields on 3 sides. It had 2 tower stands on it and we both picked a stand and went to it. Well, we had talked about switching stands and I thought he meant he wanted to trade off that evening. So, that evening when we went out I was geared up before he was so I set out towards a stand. A few minutes later I see him coming and he asks why I was in that stand. He had meant that we would each hunt one stand one day, and then switch stands the next. I didn't mind. I figured both a about the same chances.

    As a little back story to this, it should be noted that about an hour and a half or so before we got out of the stands in the morning, I had heard something breaking tree limbs in the heavy brush near my stand. It was far too heavy to be small game. Although I was hoping to see something on this place, I wasn't holding my breath for it even though they had seen alot of does on the place. I was having fun just being out there. Anyhow, I had told my OinC about hearing the commotion in the trees before we left that morning. When he came up to his stand in the evening and and asked laughingly why I was there and said that he thought we'd switch stands in the morning he also went on to say that I'd be pretty jealous if he took my stand from that morning and shot that monster buck I heard in the trees earlier that day. So I climbed down and went to that stand. Sure enough, about 15-20 before sunset I heard him grazing along just inside the thick trees. I watched that area for a couple minutes and he came grazing along. Never even new I was there.

    Funny how stuff works out.
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    Congrats on the buck and welcome to's a great state and its quite obvious you have the story telling part down pat! Living in Omaha Nebraska right now is rough with Bow Season on the horizon but I will be back for gun's to hoping I see one half that size in the northwoods!
  5. Great buck, a dream of a lifetime for some folks. Take care of that mount!