My 4th this yr from the Upper P of Mich!

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  1. Well we did but not the road roosst. It was off int he distance but when I yelped a bit the bird did answer me. Hey great. So I sat backk and waited for it to get lighter out and every once and a while call to that Tom to let him jnow I was here. Well at fly down time and as he was gobblin his fool head off - we got a gobble much closer. But I wear hearing aids so it is hard for me to actually loacte direction. I look out and can clearly see the road bird still in the tree but moving a bit. We hear a wingbeat and as I peek the road bird is gone. And then here comes this Tom. I thought it was a jake as it strutted but not real good. It was so misty and wet it was hard to see that early. So I videoed the tom as I thought he was a jake. Short beard and it was hard to see spurs even hto the bird strutted next to my Tom not more than 10 yards away.
    Out inthe field he goes and when I got a good look at his spurs it was too late to take a shot. My partner did not want to shoot him and that is another story. Man I just let at least a 2 yr old walk by.
    Well he gets behind that mound of dirt. Now I am stuck.....
    And he starts to gobble his fool head I crank on him good with a box call to which makes him gobble even more....I throw everything in my arsenal that I know at him to get his butt back to me so I can take a shot. he is about 80 yards behind me int he field....dang.....
    Then I see 2 hens coming and low and behold here comes that other Tom that I called to. Time is only 30 minutes after this guy flew down. He is all by himself. Well this Tom now leaves me and strutts going at the other Tom who is sturtting and that Tom I can see a nice beard. Okay I'll whack him or maybe we can get both in and double whack em.....
    For the next 30 to 50 minutes I can get them to answer me but not come any closer as they are waiting for the hens. I am hoping I can cluck inthe hens.......We watch as the long beard chases the sort beard around the field edge. My new hunter gets a real show of drumming and spitting to gobbling to dominance.....and it starts to really howl out! I mean sleet - hard and lots of it. It changed from snow to sleet.......
    Well I told my bud pick up yer call and we are gonna racket cluck...maybe a yelp or two.....both of us non stop......and low and behold here come the hens in the sleet on a rather fast pace. man and the Toms are back about 30 behind them.....
    Well the hens get to about 25 yrds put the breaks on - never come right in as I expected. But stop and tuck their head under their wing and kinda go to sleep. I can't blame them it was sleeting bad. Althought the Toms which stop at about 50 do not! 1 continues to strutt as the other stands at attention......
    The sleet gets harder to which the hens move into the cedar swamp and the Toms follow - well the only shot we had was at that lesser Tom to which I was perfectly happy with - so I whacked him at 30 yards......

    22 lbs - 5 inch beard - spurs 3/4 and 7/8 - a 2 yr old!

    You can see he is wet - so am I.

    And here is the outcome of the day for the three of us

    in wt --> 23 - 22 (me) - 22
    3yr old - 2 yr old (me) 4 yr old - nice pointy spurs

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  2. Okay to continue......I whack that bird - is my 4th so far this yr and I have this new guy...warned him I am he sees me do my victory dance act well out of the normal he knows me.......and then I turn serious and say let's go as it is snowing hard. We place decoys in the blind and leave it as I have another but take chairs with us. I have my secondary spot to go too. He has a bird to kill!
    This group of birds does use the cattle feed lot on and off during the day. There is several directions one could sneek to set-up and hopefully call them in. We saw one nice Tom and a few hens......
    So as I come into the farm yard and turn the corner with my truck towards the feild I see the owner feeding calves. So I ask him if he has seen the birds today and he tell me no not at all. Hmmmmm....they are regulars as it is 9 AM now....Hmmmmmmmm.......So since it is so nasty out I get back in the truck and take the muddy trail around a bit of farm equipemnt in this field so we can sneak out and glass the other field. As I turn the corner I look briefly to my left and start laffing while moving. My new hunter asks what so funny? Well I saw the birds - I know where they are and they are using the farm equipment for shelter......but now what - how to get to them to call em in?
    Man - I get the truck out of there but it is so miserable out the birds hardly move but they do slowly go away.
    Okay are they going into the cedar swamp in that field - we can do a big end around run and get set-up but there BUT there is a big open gap we gotta cross stopping us to where I want to be........or are they making their way to the field I have seen them in at different times yesterday? That is the I drive down the road a bit to look at the first can be done.......big 200 acre field...long sneak....real nasty weather snowing big flakes real hard......but man it would be ugly.......and then I turn around drive back up the road as I know what we are going to do.

    We are to sneak past his farm equipment on the upper side. There is lots of it in this field and I will drive my truck next to the big machine barn. I explain to my new hunter - you will do this - take and carry this - and will say nothing - this is how we will sneak to the set-up.
    So I grab my chair and my other DB blind. He grabs his gun, his chair and the decoys as now I will place just 2 hens.......We pass by the barn and now have 80 yards of farm equipment to sneak by. Well as I get to the barn corner there are a bunch of calves who have snuck out of the feed I slowly approach them and they bolt back to momma......okay....not a problem and it is snowing so hard - it is hard to see.......I move quickly - bud behind as we sneak all along the pieces of farm equipment, old trucks, tractors, metal racks, some junk lots of it on our way to the cedar swamp......we have one small gap we need to cross and I stop before I cross it - take a look and nothing.....We have said nothing and are as quiet as possible.
    Okay made it to the woods edge and I take a logging trail into it. It is nice in here - still snowing but is calm we are on the right side. I keep watching making sure I am not bumping birds and we sneak in better than 100 - 150 yards......I find a flat spot and start to set-up the DB blind. Bud set-up decoys with stakes comes back to me and is putting chairs in blind as I place decoys where I want them. We get set-up and I slide the window open and just start to align my calls when I look up and 80-90 yrds out in the cedar swamp I see a hen. Man it was a matter of 2 or 3 minutes tops![/font]
    So I softly cluck a few times and now 1 hen turns into 7 or 8 hens easy.[/font]
    I cluck again and the Tom goes into strut big time and steps out......Wow am I livin right or what? My bud - the shooter is on my right. the Birds are directly ahead and coming right at is great....and they stop!!!!! I call it at 60 yards out.....They can see my hens......and they stop!
    So I try a few more calls and even though now I have this Tom really cranked - gobblin', struttin, and he cranks another Tom farther back the hens have stopped......Well been at this a bit and I reach down and leaf scratch loud....Scratch....short pause...scratch-scratch....and those hens start cluckin and come runnin....Hey someone has found something good to eat......they are moving fast now comin in but start to go to my right and the Tom is following still in Strutt......dang bud will not get a shot as he is a right hand shooter and on my right!!!! I say we gotta change places - we both stand up to which I push him back down so I can move out of the way for him to move.....we are in this is tight in here with 2 guys...and we get moved.......I look back out and the hens are right on top of us at least 25 and closing fast......and the Tom is at 40.....and also closing fast and he gobbles to the what I don't know - maybe the leaf noise from us mvoving within the blind......and I sit down I leaf scratch one more time - Scratch...a pause...scratch-scratch and the hens are flat out moving now and get out of my line sight as I have the DB window in a slit......and I see the Tom less than 30 so I sit way back and tell my new hunter take him he is in range......well he pokes the gun out window slit and I plug my ears and then remember - I have hearinbg aids...will shut off at 80 db! :) and he shoots but I can not I quickly peek and see Ole Mr tom just a floppin.....but I never take my eyes off and I see him make it to his feet - his neck looks broke but he is on his feet and I don't hesitate and telll the shooter - Hit em again! NOW! and he shoots and the bird flips again backwards and does not move......Down....Yowzer......and it happened so fast!!!
    NWTF score is 23 + 10 + 5 + 18 = 56
    You can see the hay bales and then the old bus and there is lots of other farm equipment. Kinda scrap yard. The birds where back of this hunter at the far tree line - who NOW is unfortunately as deeply hooked in turkey hunting as I am!
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  3. Steve

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    That's great. Congratulations.
  4. Looks like your having a pretty good year so far, I hunt starting next wednesday zone 2.
  5. I'll be out in Zone 1 with a landowner 80 urs young who I have turned onto turkey hunting!

    Good luck there fish

  6. Well i'm done for the year. No picture to post or score to enter. I did learn somethig. I rolled a big tom but it got up and ran off. Lassons learned;
    1 I thought the bird was in good range but when we ranged it was 55 yards. Too far.
    2 I still could have killed the bird. the 3" mag puts plenty of shot in the kill zone. I must have held on the body. Too much drop at that range. Enought shot to roll the bird hit the body.
    3 Strong wind can move shot. That can get the shot off the head. Very strong cross wind at the time, rain also.
    Always next year.
    Good luck to all who have a hunt comming up.:mad: