My bear retriever (dog)

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  1. Over the weekend my girl and I were at the cabin starting our baits. Had action the second morning we went to re-bait.
    In the first pic, I am telling her to stay. She spikes up so high I had to take this pic. [​IMG]
    In this second picture she had just scared the young bear and it ran to the bottom of a tree and looked back at us. Wee started running at it and as planned, we treed it (Stupid? no, I know enough about bear mannuizems to know this bear was going to tree and not fight, besides, my bear dog (LOL) was not going to run after it unless I ran first LMAO.

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  2. The funniest thing of all is that at home she owns the chipmunks. I was telling her that at the cabin the darn chipmunk grow pretty big!
  3. So did Timothy Tredwell the bear man in Alaska till one of his "Pets" made him into scat. :biggrin: :lol:
  4. The dif between Tredwell and me is huge. First, these are black bear and not killer bears (Yes I do know a black will fight but we are not comparing apple and apples) Second, I had my big bad bear dog, third, Ummm I had my 40 cal strapped to my side.
    I feel way less safe doing what I done than sitting in my tree with a 250 pounder 12 feet under me with only a bow in my hands (which has happened plenty of times. I realy feel I would of kicked this bears butt even with out the 40 cal.!:coco:

    Many years back, I had a young bear coming in to eat at bird feeders. After the second day of him showing up, I new he was a problem juvenile.
    Was not afraid of humans what so ever. After showing the kids what a problem bear looks like, I proceeded to change his thinking about coming in to a back yard to use bird food as a staple when there was plenty of food in the bush at this time of year.
    Point being, this young bear was not a problem bear and after his encounter with us, he may re think not running the second he see's a dog or a human! Just like our kids, if the parent is not around to teach them or if the parent just dont teach them righ from wrong, some one else needs to teach them at a young age or you end up with a problem child.