My Intro + Hunting Partner?

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  1. Hey everyone...

    I stumbled upon this site while doing a search online for Wisconsin hunting partners. I've heard very good things about this site from a few other online forums... specifically, the Lake-Link website.

    My name is Scott and I'm 37 years old. I currently reside in Oshkosh, WI. I'm an avid fisherman (mostly musky) but I have just recently taken to the field. I've always had an interest in hunting, but never really had anyone to show me the ropes, so to speak. I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, photography, target shooting and ham radio. I got married to my awesome wife and best friend just a few weeks ago on Aug. 13th and are now enjoying life together.

    I took the WI DNR Hunter's Education Course last Fall and successfully passed it. The year prior, I took the WI DNR Trapper's Education Course and also successfully passed it, as well. I was able to do some trapping last year with a couple of different members of the Wisconsin Trappers Association and had a great time, although, I'm still a newbie. :wink:

    The Fall 2011 hunting season is right around the corner and I'm hoping there's someone here on the forum who wouldn't mind me tagging along with them this season for a few outings. I'm looking for a hunting partner and/or mentor who wouldn't mind taking me under their wing, so to speak. My wife got me a .17HMR last Christmas and I've finally got a small scope mounted on it. I'm mostly interested in doing some small game hunting this season for rabbit and squirrel. If I could get a few rabbits in the freezer this year, it would be great. I'd love to eventually bag a deer, but do not yet have a rifle adequate and after wedding expenses, I'm hoping to do that sometime the following season once I've acquired a rifle.

    Shoot me a PM or an e-mail if you're willing to meet up sometime this season. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, guys!

    - Scott.