My Nephew Builds Bridges

Discussion in 'Mississippi River Basin' started by spinner, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. spinner

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    The bridge is complete. They started last summer.
    During the tear down of the old bridge they got
    use to seeing a very annoyed trout running in and out
    from under the bridge. Any kind of loud sound the trout
    would spook out from under the bridge (IT'S HOME} and swim

    Every morning when they would start construction again the same
    thing would happen. My nephew is related to me so when he described
    the absolute monster under that bridge on a well traveled road.....

    I took it with a grain of salt.

    He came up this weekend and took me to that bridge. He took a hammer and hit the bridge railing on the downstream side of the bridge and had me stand at the upstream area where it always spooked out to.

    I have my new trout to pursue. It was bigger than he described
  2. Butch

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    Ah yes, fishing for trolls. I've caught a few nice browns fishing for large creatures that live under bridges.

    Many years during the hex hatch, to kill some time during the high sun hours while shade is scarce, I drive around from bridge to bridge and fish for trolls. Sometimes I catch something, sometimes I just cool off.