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Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by Terrific_tom, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. My wife bought me a new bow for Father's Day. Finally came in and I got it all set up.
  2. Sweet looking set up. I really like the three arrow quiver, it says "this is a man that understands bow hunting!" I never could understand why you would need more than three arrows in the tree with you.

    This bow should do the job....good hunting!!

  3. I have a 6 arrow quiver. I have it so I can set my 3 arrows apart so the fletching does not hit and make extra noise when shot is made. Most of todays quivers only support 1/2the arrow at most leaving the fletched end to flex and vibrate at the shot creating noise.
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    Nice, I love the Bowtechs. They look like they could kill something just by looking at the bow.
  5. Does she have any singer sisters? Nice BOW!
  6. :lol: Nice

    The wife got me a new fly rod that I wanted for christmas this past year. I tried to talk her into buying my bow for my birthday but it wasnt happening. Although, now that I went out and got it myself (Hoyt Maxxis 31, G5 Rock sight, QAD rest, 12 Carbon Express Mayhems) I'm glad she didnt get it. If she knew what it really cost then I'm sure I'd still be shooting my old one.
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    That's why you need to get your hunting equipment shipped directly to your hunting property :)
  8. No single sisters, I don't know if they are singers. LOL
  9. Trust me.. EVERYTHING gets shipped to work :wink:
  10. Great idea's fella's, never never thought of that.
  11. I bought myself a z7 extreme a couple of months ago and love it! And that is a very nice looking bow.​
  12. nice setup. Is that a left handed setup? Sorry but I am trying to figure out the sights and arrow rest and they look backwords to me!!
  13. Yes it is a left hand bow