My three bear pics

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by brokenarrow, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Here are a few pics from behind the house.
    This one here is my favorite heart felt pic, he is under my old dogs cross and three times that I saw him, he came in and laid down in the shade about the same spot just watching the day go by. No mamma or bro/sis so I feel he will be a tough bugger if he dont get to close to a boar

    In this pic, the bear was heading back to my garage where they broke into a bait drum last spring. They continue to visit even though I cleaned it all up soon after back there. Just like a cat, feed em once (unintentially or not) and they will bug you for a year! This bear would not leave the yard. I had tractor work to do. I walked out behind him and he ran. Not too far though, as I disconnected a brush hog, I saw him on my trail. With all the comotion I forgot to unhook the pto shaft. After backing up with it on still I busted it all up costing me $150. This bear may have a price on his head now If he gets a bit bigger.[​IMG]

    This pic I can not take full credit for. My son was "manning" the camera and snapped this one. All I could hear was him pissing and moaning cause he tried to zoom out after this pic to take another fast one but the camerea took a second longer to rejuvinate and did not take another one fast enough. I think he done just fine since I feel this is one of the very best pictures I have ever seen took by a hand held camera of a wild bear.
    Notice the cross behind him? No photo shop here!