Natural Resources Board approves new wild turkey management plan for state

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    Contact(s): Scott Walter, DNR upland wildlife ecologist, 608-267-7861; Krista McGinley, DNR assistant upland wildlife ecologist, 608-261-8458

    MADISON � A plan intended to guide the management of wild turkeys in Wisconsin over the next 10 years received approval of the state Natural Resources Board at its April meeting in Madison.

    "Ecology of Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin and a Plan for Their Management, 2015-2025," will guide decisions regarding the allocation of turkey permits, the structure of our spring and fall hunting seasons, the use of Wild Turkey Stamp funds and many other aspects of turkey management in the state.

    The management plan's initial draft was guided in part by input received at 12 meetings held statewide in April and May 2012, as well as an online survey available during the same time period. The Department of Natural Resources Wild Turkey Advisory Committee developed of the plan; this group consists of representatives from the DNR and many other organizations with an interest in turkeys and turkey hunting, including the National Wild Turkey Federation, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission and Conservation Congress.

    The updated plan will guide turkey management through 2025, and will reflect recent scientific research and changes in turkey distribution and hunting tradition. While providing clear goals for the next decade of turkey management, the plan was also produced to allow hunters a transparent view of Wisconsin's turkey management program. It includes significant background on wild turkey ecology and the species' history in Wisconsin, and will be widely available both online and in hard copy form.

    "The input received from hunters and others interested in turkeys was instrumental in our revision of the statewide management plan, and we're excited to be able to put the plan into our constituents' hands," says Scott Walter, DNR upland wildlife ecologist. "It's a beautiful document that we feel will be valuable to anyone interested in turkey management."

    Anyone interested in local turkey management issues, hunting seasons and any other topics related to wild turkeys is encouraged to read the plan, which will be available on the department's website and distributed in hard copy form to DNR Service Centers. The plan is expected to be available by mid-summer.

    Questions may be directed to Krista McGinley, Wisconsin DNR, 101 South Webster Street, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707 or by email to [email protected].

    For more information regarding the Wild Turkey Management Plan visit and search keywords "turkey management plan"

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