Natural Resources Board unanimously accepts land donation by Steven and Mary Hoffman

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  1. DNR Northeast Region - Land, 450 feet of frontage on Peterson Creek provides recreation, fishing, habitat protectionMADISON, Wis. - In a unanimous decision during its November meeting, the Natural Resources Board ...


    MADISON, Wis. – In a unanimous decision during its November meeting, the Natural Resources Board voted to accept a public fishing easement equaling half the value of 2.34 acres of level and gently sloping land, including 450 feet of frontage on the bank of the north bank of Peterson Creek in Waupaca County. The donation is the gift of Steven and Mary Hoffman of Grantsburg, Wisconsin. The property will be managed under the DNR’s Statewide Remnant Area program.

    The property provides an addition to a block of stream frontage already open for public recreation and for the continuation of stream habitat projects along Peterson Creek. The parcel adjoins land to the west under a state fish management easement and has potential for increased production of important fish species. This water resource contains critical habitat such as spawning areas and springheads that are critical to the fish species intended for management.

    The focus of the Statewide Remnant Area program is to protect critical fishery habitat; and the parcel will safeguard this habitat from destruction through incompatible land use, such as the risk of erosion or non-point pollution.

    The transaction also provides a public access extending from the county highway to the stream. The property will be open to the public for nature-based outdoor recreational activities to include fishing, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

    The Hoffman donation is located about 1.5 miles southwest of Scandinavia in Waupaca County. Mr. Hoffman is an employee of the Department of Natural Resources in the wildlife program and wanted to donate part of the value of the easement to the department.