Navdha time again!!

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  1. Any Navhda members aboard this forum?? What chapter and whats the breed of your dog???
  2. Used to be ages ago....but found it was filled with non hunters and pretenders. What NAVHDA was really good for was seeing what not to do with a gun dog in many instances. NAVHDA is only about the 'big prize" testing now, not hunting dogs. It has been hijacked and turned into little more than a summer time doggy olympics. There are some decent dogs. Most of GSP & GWP are owned by the majority of guys who actually hunted. The other guys and their breeds were just pretending they had worthy versatile dogs. NAVHDA has been turned into a training day picnic for kids, where more eating, socialization, and BS stories are told, than dog training is done. It has really gotten to be sad.:sad:
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  3. My question answered!!!

  4. Not to say your partially correct there are a few folks in Navhda that aren't hunters, but there are alot of us that are. Don't know what chapter you were involved with, but sounds like you had a bad experience.

    It is a good way to keep your dog in shape and sharp in the off season. Also, it is fun to see others train with there dogs and get training ideas. I'm not a ribbon chaser, but I enjoy a day of training with friends and a beerz or two when I'm done.

    It isn't for everyone, but the ones that put time into it get ALOT back out of it.

    Here is a navhda training picture of one of those worthless non GSP or GWP dogs.:tsk:



  5. You said it, not me.:lol:

    Don't forget they are WAY over priced too!!

    As a NAVHDA judge once said, "A griffon is wonderful first dog, but if you really hunt, you will never own a second one."
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  6. No you said it...

    He must own a pointing lab :coco:
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    Sounds like sour grapes to me as well as kennel blindness and breed predjudice. If you spend enough time with and around enough breeds you come to the realization that you have good dogs and bad dogs in any and all breeds - period. The GWP's and Shorthairs percentage wise actually don't do significantly better than the other breeds, just more of them running. Some American lines of Shorts are bred away from size, range, and abilities that they were intended to have. They don't impress VDD judges or the Kurtshar people at all. The reality is breeding in this country is poor due to low standards or the lack of them and no honest objectivity by most people who are doing the breeding. If you truly know dogs and you can bring yourself to be wholely honest you know and admit this.
    NAVHDA provides a practicle breeding registery, the only American and wide based one we have. Dogs are judged against a set standard not one another, and it covers conformation, ability and performance. It gives owners a reason to better and more completely train thier dogs - you and the dog work twords a goal. It provides place, time, and knowledge to people who otherwise don't have the resources. A lot of people these days join because they get a rebate on price if they run a NAVHDA test and aren't really serious about it, but a few become so. There are those who are die hard hunters and believe they deserve special attention and treatment and are offended if they don't get it. Very often if they are catered to they go only as far as thier test goal, contribute little or nothing to the chapter figuring they were entitled and go away with an
    attitude. NAVHDA's not perfect but then neither are the people who make it up. It's pretty much the best organization of it's kind in the US and Canada right now tho and meets quite a few needs. I was around long before NAVHDA and all there was for proof of field ability was AKC field trials doggy games that bore no practical resembalance to most peoples hunting situations or requirements.

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  8. Spin your post and facts are simply laughable. Spin is a good name for you. You want to talk about breeds all passing the tests at the same rate with no real difference? Punch the the percentages.:lol: You blab about NAVHDA standards, their only standards are to breed with their NAVHDA pal's dogs....90 % of which are not used as versatile hunting dogs anyway. NAVHDA's own research back in 2001 or 2002 found the average NAVHDA member hunted only 6 days per year. Jeeesh....if you only hunt 6 days a years with your dog, maybe you ought not have the poor animal. NAVHDA has altered test sites. As an example the North Cental Wisconsin water site was altered back in the late 90's because the chapter officer's dogs could not do the water work sufficiently enough to get a 4 score and their prize 1 rating. If you check out the test scores from the site since the big dumbdown the test info is all there. It shows how the number of prize 1 UT dogs test scores at that site has increased by almost X3. At one test, 6 of 12 UT dogs tested over the weekend scored prize 1 classifications. This is just unheard of in testing. These results are not because of better dogs, it is because of lowering the testing bar at the test/training site. Then all of these people who were responsible for the dumbing down of the site claimed they were not breeders, they did the "improvements" to improve the grounds. This is all nonsense, the first thing they did was alter where the dogs were tested in the water. They did not put up latrines, trails, or bridges until after they altered the water site. A site which good dogs had no problem with. They just didn't happen to own those dogs. The gang had all sorts of excuses as to why they altered it, none of which were the truth....... now suddenly all these people responsible for the great dumb down, have all magically appeared on the internet selling dogs!!! That was the whole reason for their dumbdown. It was done to increase their dogs scores and sell dogs based on those "dumbdown" site test scores. It is laughable. I am not the only one out here who knows it either. It is all in the NAVHDA test scores record if you check it out. You talk about kennel blind. You need to wise up. This is not about what breed is better than the next...... BUT if you want to increase your odds of getting a decent versatile dog, then you get a GSP or is that simple. It becomes all painfully obvious when you attend enough training days, tests, and seminars, and watch the different breeds do the work.

    The dog's owned by that group of NAVHDA cronies needed the "handicapped" grounds in order for their dogs to pass the test.

    Throw your nonsense somewhere else. Been there, done that.....:eek:ne_eye:
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  9. I think we would all enjoy reading your data on these comments you made. Thanks in advance for your information.
  10. I did the pay NAVHDA the money to get the test results. I took it out of the VHD. You are one of those whose has been suckered by the griffon breeders of the chapter. If it had in not been for their dumb down you probably wouldn't own one. I am willing to bet that is what they sold you an over priced dog on....test scores.:lol::lol:
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