Need help! Tower Stand questions

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  1. I am looking at making a 13ft tower treestand on the edge of a field back in the woodline a bit, and am going to leave it open top to use it as bow and gun. I just don't know if something like this would spook deer. I know with gun it isn't a big deal, but with bow I don't know. Does anyone out there hunt out of a tower blind with a bow? Also would size have anything to do with possibly spooking them? Looking at 4 ft by 8 ft, want to have room so I can start taking the kids. Any info, help, or comments are greatful, let me know what you think.
  2. I dont think the size of stand will be a big deal. they will get use to it over time. just put it up during the summer

  3. Steve

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    They get used to it.
  4. i always use zip strips and attach branches and natural habitat to the legs on my towers..
  5. trees

    Cut a couple of unwanted pine trees---Tie them to the supporting legs---works great----Hatfield Hunter