need help zone D bear hunting

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by brad vander linden, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I have a kill tag for zone D need place to hunt. I can provide all bait.
  2. There is all kinds of Public Land in Bayfield County. Are you looking for some one to do the baiting for you or just a place to hunt?

  3. bear baiting

    Terrific Tom I need someone to bait for me. With my work schedule I only have Wed. and Sundays off if you know anyone that would be willing to do this please let me know like I said I can get all the bait and bring it up but need help to bait. Thanks
  4. Call Keith Holly 715-372-4101 I have taken 2 bear hunting with Keith. My brother has taken a bear with him, 2 of my cousins have each got a bear and my deer hunting partner has taken 2 bear. He will supply the bait and help you get your bear out of woods. He has a walk in cooler to get your bear cooled down, also skins them for you. He also has a tracking dog if needed. Keith is located in Iron River, WI
    Tell him that Tom Grall referred you.
  5. call me a call @ 715 292-0145 if you still need a baited site zone D, thanks....steve
  6. I saw the original post by Brad last year, and after waiting a while to see if he was getting any help, I offered to bait for him. I can not tell you what a great choice that was for me, and it worked out well for Brad also. I had the chance to run baits for Brad, and he arrowed his first ever bear. The baits were getting hit so hard that I cut back to just five baits, and two of them had BIG bears on them. One was 438 LBS, it was taken by a hound hunter. The bear that Brad took was 238 LBS, not a giant, but very respectable. Brad arrowed his bear the first night on the stand, and he had a choice of two bears. I still get excited just thinking about it. But the best part was that Brad is a great guy that I enjoyed helping very much. His brother pulled a kill tag this year, and it looks like he may come up my way to hunt.....I sure hope it happens!!

    Here is a pic of Brad with his bear...


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  7. Very cool and congrats to Brad! I'm hoping to stick one this year myself. I'm jellous all you guys can bait already. The area I drew in MI you cant start baiting till the middle of August.