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Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by Soup, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I am looking for some advice. Recently I recieved permission to hunt some farmland near where I live. I haven't had much time to get out lately so tonight after work I stopped by the property and took a look around. Here is my situation. The property has a large corn field that has not been picked as of yet. Right in the center of the corn field is about a 3 acre piece of standing pines. I walked around the timber and I found two very nice scrapes. Her is my question. How would you hunt this area. I am thinking about hunting just inside the standing timber but I do not want to get busted entering the stand. Should I attempt to hunt this location in the am or pm.

    Looking for any advice you can give. I wasr ecently transplanted from Michigan and I have never hunted corn fields just hard woods.

    Thanks- Soup
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    Is the stand of pines dense with undergrowth or fairly open? If it's really open the deer would probably be more likely to bed in the corn and maybe mill through the woods or along the woodsedge when they are up on their feet. Small patches like that are tough to hunt typically due to the fact that deer will see, or hear your approach...and being surrounded by corn the deer could be bedded anywhere...corn is some of the best bedding cover there is. Are there any brushy fencelines on the borders of the property? They would provide a more defined line of deer movement as compared to the patch of timber isolated in the middle of the field.

    It's hard to make any assumptions without really seeing might be worth your while to pick a windy afternoon and stalk your way through the corn to the patch of timber and set up a stand or tuck yourself into some cover and sit on the ground. See what happens and then adjust your plan of attack from there. Sorry for the vague suggestions but let us know how it goes for you and what you learn.

  3. What ever your going to do, I would do it soon! My corn was picked last week. After the corn goes bye bye your chances of getting busted by that buck more than likely leave with the corn. I would consider taking a buck decoy to the edge of the pines (cross wind not down wind). Set the decoy with the head sticking out of the second row. maybe use a little dominant buck lure but dont rattle yet. Set up the right distance away and at day break just wait. I would not rattle till after 9am. See if big boy shows up by himself.
    I aint no pro but something off the wall and out of the norm may just take a buck from there. The way you discribe the woods lay out, me thinks it would be real hard to get a tree stand set up with out getting busted (If anyone is home at the time)
    My last and best advice. DO SOMETHING, the corn will be gone sooner than later, after that happens well, you know?. Also, prices are dropping like a fast on corn also.
    good luck
  4. Thanks Guys

    With the weather suppose to bad tomorrow I am going to attempt to get a stand set up late morning or early afternoon. I think I can get in with a climber quickly, get it set up, and then back out. I want to hunt the area a couple times this week in the morning.

    When do you think the rut will start around here. Is the pre-rut started or is it still a little to early.

    Thanks again- Soup
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    pre-rut is definitely here.....i rattled in a 1 1/2 yr old buck tonight and my brother in law skipped an arrow off the back of a giant. The big boy wasn't harassing the does but he was checking on them. October 31st or a few days after always seems to be the date that i start seeing actual chasing going on. When you go in to hang your climber you should bring your bow and make a sit of it. First time in is typically the best least in my experience. Good luck to ya
  6. They Cut the Corn

    Dang it. They cut the corn yesterday. Now I am really confused what I could / should do. The small plot of trees is about 100 yards off a main road and has a highway on the other. I have seem a couple of dandy buck moving in and out of the wood plot earlier in the summer. I think it is still a place mature deer may go to get away from pressure but I am not sure if I can sneak in to the woods with out getting busted in the morning. Oh well thats why they call it hunting. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

  7. Corn is for coon hunters.....get into or along the edge of the big woods off of the corn and back into the woods 100 yards or so.....The deer will be moving with more confidience and a bit less caution. Just my take.......