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Discussion in 'Deer Cam Pictures' started by Feed Man, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Nothing against trapping. I just hope that if you do it you check your traps every day. You owe it to the animal.

  2. In all due respect Bernie, I bet you if you asked this fox he's probably happy the trap wasn't checked :chillin:

    No, in all seriousness. I agree - - if you can't trap by the rules, don't do it! I hate to see a gimpy animal based on unethical trapping.

    By the way....awesome picture of a beautiful animal.

  3. Good looking fox and pic!
  4. I agree with you guys, it guys like this that give us trappers a bad name.

    Sweet looking fox, thanks for sharing.

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    I only have one picture of a gray fox
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    I am not a trapper(yet) but this could be from several things? It looks like the hair is grown in around that leg so I would not think it is recent? Do you have pics of him with the full leg before this pic?