Nesting improvements

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  1. I'm newer to habitat management and need some help/insight as to improving turkey poult mortality. We have spent time focusing on turkey nest predators on our 80 acres and have trapped the past 2 years, pulling out 20 egg eaters (coons, opossum and skunks) each year. We would get numerous photos of hens, but never snapped a poult on my cameras during the summer, even set my cameras at ground level.

    Here is my question, our property has had some logging done and we have probably ~100 ant hills just like the one below (assumption is they are carpenters). Do any of you have the same issues? Do these ants cause more bad than good, do they wipe out other insects (grasshoppers, beetles, or other beneficial bugs) because they are on the wrong side of the neighborhood?. Will the hens avoid these areas because they would rather not have to sit on a nest when ants could bother her, or do carpenter ants bug anything but wood?

    Thanks in advance

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