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  1. Come on guys. Never? Noone has ever posted a thread on the trad forum?
    :SHOCKED:there must be someone besides me who uses traditional archery equipment. :confused:
  2. i have, but i didn't this year. the bow i have is my dads old recurve and it is warped/twisted on one end. if you don't make sure the string is where it's supposed to be in the "groove" it can come off. had it happen once or twice so now i looking for a recurve of my own. been looking everywhere but i will be at least taking one deer next season traditionally

  3. I just got ahold of an old Darton one piece 40# recurve i am going to use in sunday for the first time to hunt with going to an archery phesant hunt. have not use a recurve since my dads old one broke twenty years ago while i was stringing it up. should be fun.
  4. most old bows do not shoot well, a lot of them stack,,,,, I shoot a 53 lb Checkmate Falcon with a thunderhorn quiver, and a Hoyt Buffalo, 50 pounds with the Hoyt quiver, which I like very much
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    By the time I got rid of my old Hoyt it would have only been effective by dropping it on a deer and it would have done very well at that as heavy as it was.