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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and will be new to Wisconsin once I move there in March. I'm into all sorts of hunting and fishing, but most excited about getting back into waterfowl hunting (I great up doing it in Idaho, but haven't done much since I left home for school).

    I'm excited and already trying to get info about duck/goose hunting around Madison. Can anyone suggest where to start looking or give some info on where you can hunt around there? I probably won't be buying a boat any time soon, so I'm trying to find walk in places. Any comments on how public land access works around there would be great too!

  2. There are tons of public hunting opportunities around Dane,Columbia And Marquette counties hopefully this year will be better than last it was a pretty depressing season. you can check the state regs for waterfowl hunting but it basically says if you can get to the waterway you can hunt it as long as you dont tresspass on land to get there.

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    Welcome to the site freebird. Good luck with your hunts.