New box blind!!

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  1. This is a new stand I built for this upcoming deer hunting. I built it mostly for hunting with my boys but I think it got a little out of hand as far as size goes. It is 16' to the deck, 4x8 platform with 6' walls. There are two decks on the stand, one is 4'x4' the other is 4'x3'. I put these on for bow hunting. There is an entry door on each end. I need to put a few more decking boards on one side then I am done. I will paint it next season.

  2. Looks nice! Hopefuly you get some deer out of that stand this season.

  3. Where is the chimney? :lol: Just kidding, looks good! I have two of them shacks but mine aren't as high off the ground.
  4. Be carefull who you show this too----You may end up paying taxes on this Shangra La Wheres the extension cord ? Heater and Oprah ! its a hard sit--------Just havin fun Jealous----hatfield---
  5. finished up!

    LMAO, to tell you the truth both these things were brought up. The chimney was brought up by my father in law because he said that would carry scent up higher and make it so you wouldn't be detected. Now he's a smoker and even though I don't know if he smokes in the woods that is where I felt he was going with the whole chimney thing. Notice there is no chimney!! We also discussed if the tax accessor would consider that a permanent structure. Even though it can be moved it is not likely to be moved! Hopefull where this is located they will never see it!!!

    We went out Sunday and finshed it all up. It is ready to hunt. We will paint it next year.

  6. Nice condo ... does it have water view from up there?
  7. we couldn't afford the side of the property with the water view!!! lol..