New Camo Pattern

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  1. Check out the link below. A friend of mine that I gun hunt with has created a camoflague. He is now marketing and selling his product on the web. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  2. Wow!

    That is some good looking camo. The video definitely shows the difference between eyedeal camo and the norm. I will need to look into it more.


  3. Steve

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    That's incredible. It almost looks like the guy is transparent.
  4. Camo is camo for the most part. Deer are color blind....scent and movement is what gets you busted. I can sit there with blaze orange and not move, and the deer will walk right by me sitting on a stump. As long as his nose doesn't bust me or when I move to shoot I move slowly. Camo patterns and designs are over rated and sold to people by hyped up marketing.......:idea:
  5. thats interesting. almost looks like a ghost
  6. Interesting concept with the tree trunk center on the camo with the sky blue or grayish tint on the sides.