New Deer Czar in Wisconsin

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  1. Kroll

    I have enjoyed his work for many years, My only question is Texas compared to wisconsin. Different landscape, Different rut timing, Somewhat different animal, Our Hunting Heritage is also quite different. But he does very good in depth work.

  2. What the hunters of Wisconsin want or what the WBH wants? It was evident this past year that when it comes to the Crossbow issue it is NOT majority rules! Good old backroom politics and political favors trump what the hunters of Wisconsin want. If it were fair & equitable the age to use a crossbow without a permit would not sitll be 65...The legislature would be working with the majority of voting hunters to lower the age! That did not & will not happen under the current political good old boy network currently in place. We can only hope the new deer czar will do what is right for the resource AND the hunters of Wisconsin and not just a VERY SMALL political action group. DR Kroll is a huge proponent of the crossbow & I feel confident he can see thru the layers of selfishness and suggest what is right for the herd and hunters of Wisconsin. WE shall see.....
  3. Sometimes it takes someone who does not have political ties or attached to any very small hunting political action groups to REALLY see what has to be done! IF he is allowed to do his job without politics or lobbyist influencing his decisions it will be interesting! He should be doing what is best for the RESOURCE not the little WBH and their political cronies! Like THAT will happen!:lol:
  4. Remember he is there to do what is best for the herd not small special interest groups like the WBH. He may have some tough suggestions, antler restrictions, one buck per hunter, special regulations area's.... things that will not endear him to the hunting population BUT will be the best for the future of the resource. We shall see if politics & influence peddlers will allow him to do his job.
  5. I hope somebody mentions Wolves !!! My area 55 Clark and jackson County,s are being over run by them---Most deer are now nocturnal because of them----Then DNR wonders why buck kill is down 12% this past season ? A four year trend !!!!
  6. Say Mr. Rancid---You seem to be of high inteligence and also seem to be very involved in the Great outdoors, So why the one mindedness in Crossbows ? I am not against Crossbows ! And I enjoy your thoughts, But you seem incensed on 1 topic
  7. That being said wasn't the bowseason just increased into the gun season? You speak out one side of your mouth about crossbows in season & too MANY seasons and then WELCOME an extension of the archery season! Hummmm..I guess if your the WBH you CAN have it both ways!!!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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  8. Just keep the crossbows out of the WBH's sacred archery season! Shot & used them for 30 years yet you want them included in the GUN season? I guess you did not learn too much about the crossbow during those years. OR if you did you will not share the truth about them with the fellow hunters of Wisconsin!
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    Is that to say that there are illegitimate Wisconsin hunting and conservation orgs?
  10. Hmmm sounds like this is going the same way as politics, meeting with limited groups that have a special agenda!!! I think the public would have been better served by sending out surveys to Licensed Deer Hunters. They wouldn't of had to send them to every Deer Hunter but if they sent them to say 10,000 hunters both gun and bow they would of gotten a better understanding of what the Deer Hunter wants. The Reason that Scott Walker hired the Deer Czar in the 1st place was because the DNR was not listening to the Deer Hunter. The way you have described who was invited to these meetings I doubt that if any thing gets changed that it will be what the majority of Deer hunters wanted.
  11. RC,

    Thanks for posting the link to that article. Should be interesting what comes out in the next six months. I did hear a recent update from a DNR rep and what is evident is that Dr Kroll is being independent from DNR as he was asked to do, i.e. the interium DNR deer guy until Dr Kroll came on the scene has only met him once and does not know any more than the conservation groups that met at the same time with Kroll

    The point on not gonna keep everyone happy is one people will have to live with as it's evident too many special interests want to keep their own agendas alive out there.