New deer rifle !!!

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  1. Picked up this for deer hunting. Started the barrel curing and it is something as to how accurate this gun is. I got it with the 24" SST barrel in .308. Also, wanted to get one before anymore bans come out on the AR rifles.:D

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    Nice! Ex-military man?

  3. Yep, was in the U.S Army 1972-1975. Carried an M-16 with an M 203 granade launcher mounted on it.
  4. Sweet. What's the clip hold..10?

    You mind me asking what something like that runs nowadays?

    Good luck with it.
  5. Canned Heat,
    No problem with mentioning what I payed for it. I paid $1200 for the rifle with a JP trigger kit installed. I tried the ones without the trigger kit and the pull was harder and not near as smooth. The trigger kit adds about $200 to the cost of the rifle but well worth it. Forgot to mention that the gun comes with 2 19 round mags.
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