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  1. Ive dreamed of this plot for a year now and finally started it. This plot will be in a location that is remote. A kill plot made in heaven. While cutting last week I hit my leg (first time ever) with the chain saw. A small gash (as for how chain saw hits go anyways) I learned the hard way. I bought a pair if chaps now. I left the house and walked about 100 yards thru the snow when I realized I forgot my cell phone. Seeing that I had no truck (my wife went down to EauClaire) to visit our kids I had no contact until 6pm if need be. I did not walk back to get my phone STUPID No chaps STUPID, then I go and make the mistake of working myself too fast, sweating and fogging my glasses, and hit just above my knee cap with the saw. So here I am 1/2 mile back in the woods with a gash bleeding pretty bad everytime I take my hand off it. Jackpot!!! I had duct tape in my pocket of a hooded sweatshirt I had on when I left the house! Since my leg didnt hurt yet? WHy I have no idea flesh was pushed everywhere, I duct taped the leg with toilet paper as a cushion. No more blood so I finished the tank of gas before heading home (I wasnt going anywhere anyway unless I called an ambulance, and that wasnt happening, way too embarressing. My leg looks fine today LOL so Im heading back next week to give her more.
    I hope Im doing this right, Im leaving stumps so I can have them pushed over later this spring/summer with out losing too much top soil? Here ia one pic, more will follow later
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    Yikes I've always been afraid of doing that myself. Looks like good weather for cutting.

  3. Looks like a good spot for a food plot. Glad the chain saw incident wasn't real serious.
  4. Yeesh! You lucked out on that one! Looks like you have a good amount of tops there to move off to the side to bottleneck the deer into your food plot. Should be a great kill plot!
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    Looks like the start of something good.
  6. [​IMG] Im not very happy with the tall growth of weed/what ever. There was no weed controll as I needed to get it in asap at the last second. Im happy with it for the first year. I do have brassica in all that vegitation lol. Next year it will be prestine!
  7. With the brassica mix I also mixed in a seed mixture I had left from a gander mountain sale. The mixture said fall feast so the tall growth I have that has seeded out may be actually something that was in a mix. (Hind sight, I should of just stayed with plain ole brassica mix.. Oh well, Im very very happy with what I have accomplished this year. Now for rest of my life the critters and my hunting group will benifit from my efforts