New G&H Products for 2010

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  1. New G&H Products for 2010

    Be watching and for announcements concerning upcoming new products scheduled for production in 2010.

    --- Magnum one piece goose shell decoys with the sleeper head molded on.

    ---Detachable sleeper heads for all G&H field shells and floating goose decoys.

    ---Improved paint and mold designs

    ---additional species added to G&H's product lineup

    • --Bufflehead (All Drake)
    --Golden-eye (All Drake)
    --Blue-wing Teal

    Plus watch for our new website design launch coming in APRIL!

    If you have any questions or wish to order call 1-800-433-3269
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  2. Steve

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    Are you giving WO members a special discount?!!

  3. Not yet. But, keep watching this site and .

  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    And the best part of this is that these guys still make these decoys in the good old USA.
  5. Wouldn't dream of making our quality decoys anywhere else!